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Functional programming in Javascript
Functional Programming in Javascript.

Functional programming(FP) is a programming paradigm where we think of code as a function. How fun is that everything is a function. Functional programming is not a new concept but it is gaining its popularity, Even Object-oriented programming languages are trying to have functional concepts. For eg: Lambda functions in Java.

Functional programming is a bit different from the Object-oriented programming we generally see. Some various patterns and concepts are practiced in Functional programming which gives it a unique approach for solving problems. …

Power of cloud computing at your fingertips.

EC2 image

Amazon web services have so many services to offer it often feels like finding a needle in a haystack.

EC2 is one of the most popular offerings of AWS.

Elastic Cloud Compute is the scalable compute capacity provided by AWS. It is your hardware on the cloud which is on-demand and ready to be provisioned with a lot of options to choose from. Imagine having the power to provide an unlimited fleet of Instance with a lot of computing capacity and no upfront payment.

EC2 mainly consists of capabilities such as Renting virtual machines, storing data on virtual devices using…

Correct way of adding functionality

Prototyping javascript objects

Managing memory while writing code is one of the major qualities a developer can possess. Execution environment executes javascript code in two stages, i.e Creation and Hoisting.

Execution context: Creation and Hoisting

Execution context creates a couple of things before actually executing the code. Firstly it creates a Global Object and the outer environment and then sets up memory space for variables and functions which is called Hoisting. Before the code is executed memory is allocated so that the variables exist in memory.
Functions are written along with the code but that's not the case with variables instead a placeholder called…

Github has been improving continuously to provide a better experience to its users. The recent update of Nov 19 Github’s actions was introduced. By Introducing Github actions developers now have the power of CI/CD and version control in the same dashboard.

CI/CD is the heart of automation. Github now provides a one-stop solution for maintaining, building, documenting, testing, and deployment of code. It is so convenient to have the code and CI/CD pipelines in the same place. I remember changing tabs to see if the build has passed in Travis CI and having to maintain a separate dashboard. Which with…

Docker has made the life of a Software engineer easy. The whole “It was working on my machine” problem has a one-stop solution. Docker has introduced a way of standardizing the isolation of software into a container. This isolation helps developers to define dependencies and have predictable behavior of the developed software.

For many developers today Docker is a defacto standard to build a containerized application. But what makes Docker so good at what it does. Docker uses virtualization to accomplish the isolation of software from other processes.

Let’s see how OS runs on the system:

The kernel is the central module of an Operating System. It is…

Spring Data JPA

In the early days, the DAO layer used to consist or still has a lot of boilerplate code which makes it cumbersome to implement. Spring Data JPA, part of the spring-data framework, helps to reduce this boilerplate code and makes it easy for a developer to focus on what’s really important.

Reduced boilerplate means reduced code and artifacts to define and maintain. Spring JPA takes this to another level wherein you can replace the DAO layer with a configuration in a property file. The level of abstractions JPA provides helps the developer to only have an interface artifact to maintain.

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